The members with the least amount of points after the last event in the series will be the Championship Winners.

Prizes are awarded to 1st/2nd/3rd for both male and female entrants. The top dogs also get to take home some silverware too! Prizes are awarded at the end of season bash.

2024 Events 

The events in the Club Championship Series for 2024 are as follows:-

  1. Wednesday 28th February: Postal Swim, 7.30pm at Selkirk Swimming Pool. Basically this is see how far you can swim in 1 hour. Club contact for the event is Katrona Methven.
  2. Sunday 28th April: MTB Duathlon at Craik Forest near Hawick. Club contacts for the event are Caroline Jack and Suzanne Mercer
  3. Monday 1st April – 31st August: Kev’s Hill Climb Challenge – 1 hill will be detailed per month, ride this as many times as you like and submit your best times.  Club Contact is Lorna Mitchell 
  4. Friday 24th May: Road Duathlon Venue 7pm at Selkirk Rugby Club. Club contacts for the event are Scott Anderson and Diane Ford
  5. Wednesday 19th June 7.30pm: Aquathlon Venue Selkirk Swimming Pool. Club contact for the event is Katrona Methven
  6. Saturday 25th August: Gullane Standard Triathlon. Online Entries
  7. Sunday 8th September: Town Challenge. This is a sprint triathlon competed individually but team times are collated for overall timings for each town. Club contact for the event is “The Committee” (​
  8. October Date and Location TBC: Cross Country Race. Club contact for the event is Shona Beveridge

Rules & How Points Are Gained

a) To be eligible for the competition each member must take part in a minimum of 4 events.

b) Points are given according to race position, so for example if 30 members take part then all 30 members will acquire points (1st 1 point, 2nd 2 points etc.)

c) Every member receives -1 point for taking part.

d) A roll down system will be implemented if not enough members qualify