Entering an event or becoming a member of the club constitutes a positive consent. This will in almost all cases be done online via our entries partner (currently Entry Central), but also includes any data provided to us by phone, email, paper forms, or any other means of communication. This policy sets out how we collect data, what it is used for, and how we will handle it.

The legal basis for our use/processing of data under GDPR is consent: the individual has given clear consent for you to process their personal data for a specific purpose.

It is necessary for us to collect, process and temporarily store data from event participants and club members in order for purposes set out below.

For the purpose of the GDPR Act 2018, the data protection officer is The Committee, Borders Triathletes, email: bordertriathletes@googlemail.com

How we collect data

  • Online as part of the sign-up process for each event – data is input to the system by each participant. Typically, this will include; Name, Address, Telephone Number, Date of Birth, Club/Team, Email Address, Emergency Contact Name & Contact Telephone Number, and optional relevant medical details.
  • Online as part of membership application – data is input in to the system by each member.  Typically this will include: Name, Address, Telephone Number(s), Date of Birth, TS Membership Number and Email Address
  • Paper entry forms, telephone, email and other means – similar data to above. This is manually input to the same online database as above.

What we use data for

  • Sending occasional e-newsletters to entrants and members with details of upcoming events and other relevant information.
  • Sending occasional e-newsletters to previous entrants with details of upcoming events and results/write-ups of recently held events.
  • Creating event start lists and published results (limited data in both cases – typically Name, Age Group, Club/Team)
  • Programming electronic timing systems
  • Holding ‘emergency contact’ details in case of medical/accidental emergency or related issue
  • Holding relevant medical data (freely supplied by participants on an opt-in basis) to aid response by event medical teams to incidents.
  • Allocating participants to correct competition age groups
  • Communicating pre- and post- race communication
  • Communicating last minute changes to events, including cancellation
  • Obtaining ‘headline’ anonymised data (e.g. gender, age and geographical splits) for economic impact assessments and similar.

How we handle data

  • Initially data is input to the Entry Central database by each participant. Entry Central Data Policy: https://www.entrycentral.com/terms-and-conditions/privacy
  • Data (in the form of a CSV spreadsheet) is downloaded to a password protected Borders Triathletes file shortly before each event.
  • This data is processed to produce event Start Lists and to program the electronic timing system. Printed Start Lists are produced for the purposes of sign-on/registration on the day of each event. These start lists may include details of emergency contacts so they can be verified at the sign-on desk. The ‘medical info’ data is never printed, nor are email/phone contact details – these are only held electronically (password protected) by Borders Triathletes and used for exceptional purposes.
  • Results are produced and published online using Name, Age Group and Club/Team data.
  • Email addresses are held indefinitely by Borders Triathletes for the purposes of sending email newsletters from Borders Triathletes only – we never pass these details to any 3rd party.
  • All other personal details will be deleted after a maximum of 1 year from both the Borders Triathletes and Entry Central databases.


A participant can request removal from the email (newsletter) database at any time, by contacting bordertriathletes@googlemail.com

It should be noted that we consider the holding and use of data to be essential for the safe running of an event. If a participant wishes to remove their data from a yet-to-be-held event, it will also be necessary to withdraw from the event. This situation will be handled as a standard withdrawal under our T&C’s and refunds will follow the methods given on the sign-up form, including any date-related deductions. 

Entry Form Statement

By entering this event I agree that the data supplied by me can be used for the purposes of safely organising and managing the event, essential communications with me pre- and post-race, and for electronic event timing. This data will be held securely, and for a maximum of 1 year. Email data may be used indefinitely for the purposes of sending occasional e-newsletters by Borders Triathletes only.